Ahmed Radwan


Ahmed Radwan was born in Egypt and moved to Vienna and New York in the 1990s. Since 2000, he has worked in a number of ways with regard to a ‘Dialogue of Cultures’. He has made many contacts worldwide through his international activities with people involved in politics, culture, and business. He has visited many countries at the invitation of governments and has initiated dialogue between people with positions of responsibility. He has accompanied the Austrian President Heinz Fischer for state visits as a member of the delegation to various countries. Above all, his friendship with Branko Lustig, a survivor of a WWII concentration camp and producer of the films “Schindler’s List” and “Kingdom of Heaven” has greatly influenced him and encouraged him in his endeavors to build bridges and bring people closer together.


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Sandra Velásquez Montiel


Sandra Velásquez Montiel is a lecturer at Webster University in Vienna and a book author. She works in the fields of Clinical, Health and Organisational Psychology.

She designed and successfully implemented Psychosocial Projects regarding Children, Youth and Families as well as in Organisational Development Field, Labor reinsertion of Women in the IT Field (in cooperation with SAP and IBM) as well as Integrating young people in the professional field since 1997. Also, she was responsible for designing and implementing strategies in the field of social work and coaching in cooperation with the Viennese Office for Children, Youth and Families.

lecturer at the Webster University Campus Vienna

Guest Lecturer at the Ukrainian University of Psychotherapy Lviv – Ivan Franko University Lviv – University of Pedagogics of Poltava

Member of the Board of “Kind Familien Umwelt” An Austrian based organization for the funding of psychological services for disadvantaged families.